Why EthiClean?

​We understand that cleaning goes beyond just dust and getting a job done.  We know that you want the job done right, with care, and that you are trusting us with your homes, your businesses, and your projects.

We understand that it is a privilege to be trusted in someone's space and we have proven ourselves worthy.

We have many clients who have been with us since the start of EthiClean, well over 5 years ago.  Their continued trust, satisfaction and referrals prove that we are the right choice.

The Ethics of EthiClean:

As everyone is concerned about our environment, we have  chosen to do our part by using earth conscious products  that are friendly to surfaces and to the environment.​

We believe in fair practices and charge a reasonable rate for our service while maintaining a mutually rewarding  relationship with our staff.​

We strive to be of highest service to every individual we meet.  Whether it is in your home, on a construction site or at your place of work, we continually seek to do the best job possible. 

All in all, EthiClean is your cleaning company because we are detailed and effective in all of our practices.

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EthiClean is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company

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